May 17, 2023

Loyalty & Rewards Mini-series

Welcome to our five-part mini-series where we’ll be touching on some of the foundations and recent trends when it comes to thinking about loyalty marketing for your brand… for those looking to generate real results.


If you’re looking to understand the world of loyalty and rewards - to elevate your customer engagement initiatives, help business and marketing objectives, and connect with like-minded partners to rev up new or existing loyalty programmes - then keep reading my friend…


1.    ‘Loyalty spotlight: The trusty marketing tool being given a fresh new look’ - Read me here

(3-minute read)


2.    ‘Loyalty spotlight: The benefits of running your own reward loyalty programme’ - Read me here      

(5-minute read)


3.    ‘Loyalty spotlight: The role of data in loyalty’ - Read me here

(5-minute read)


4.    ‘Loyalty spotlight: The impact and role of rewards in loyalty programmes’ - Read me here

(5-minute read)


5.    ‘Loyalty spotlight: The latest trends in loyalty programmes’ - Coming soon

(4-minute read)


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